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We keep valuables at secure places. Similarly, data is the most valuable element for any business. And, when it is online-based, choosing the right secured cloud hosting company becomes imperative.
In business, everything has a value whether time, money and resources. No business like to change offices. Likewise, no online business would like to change host. So, before hosting a website with 'any' provider, give us a chance to assist you. We as 3-rd party research company compares a lot of features and monitor uptime. We are trying to earn your trust by providing the list of perfect hosts which ultimately suits the needs of your website.

A process we apply to assist in choosing right Hosting Company

Mail us your needs: Our technical staff would analyze and review your online website needs. Your needs may vary depending on:
* Business needs
* Number of images and videos
* E-commerce portal
* Blogging portal
Keeping in mind the scalability issue, as a business grows with time, the team calculates the exact requirements. On that basis select the hosting-plan for your perusal.

Factors we compare

  • Uptime: We choose companies offering SLA uptime guaranteed of 100%. Uptime is a characteristic of Reliability.
  • Online Reviews: Through it, we monitor customer satisfaction. We go through negative reviews and analyze the role of the hosting company. Reviews also fade off with time.
  • Hosting Features: Primary features we consider are MySQL, Data space, and Bandwidth. Furthermore, we analyze, backup policy, security software installed. Most hosting providers offer cPanel or Plesk as a control panel.
  • Price: The most prominent element in mind is cost/month. We calculate feature/price ratio, but it also depends on the clients' needs.

Search for a top host at LinuxHost.net, and it would increase chances of finding one that’s reliable.

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